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This web browser is very easy to use!

Click on the blue session link of the class you wish to view.

On a proof page, Click on the 'Next' or 'Previous' page link to scan for images of interest.

If you click on a small image, it will enlarge that image for a closer view.
You can then scan 'Next' and 'Prev' or return to the thumbnail size by clicking on the index link.

As you spot an image that is of interest, jot down the image number so you can quickly revisit the image.

How to Order

Transfer the number to the printable order form located on the home page when at home,
or to an order form at the sales table when you are at a show to target the image you want.

Then, when you would like to order prints, please email, phone or mail us your desired order.
Let us know if any deadlines are necessary to meet.

If you wish to ask me questions about retouching or electronic shipping for a magazine ad, etc.,
please phone me at 815-597-3231, or email me at

Regardless of how or when you order, please include full address information, image numbers and size/quantity specifics.

I accept cash, check, or money order along with M/C, Visa, & Discover. (PayPal will be available when I offer a shopping cart)

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