Copyright infringement will be strictly enforced. $500.00 minimum per image usage.

If you copy a copyrighted DVD movie or song you are putting yourself at risk for prosecution.
Thinking you are saving a few dollars is not honorable. You are robbing the copyright holder of his existence and
could be inking your fingerprints to a document that will follow you the rest of your life when you are caught.

Likewise, copying a photograph, or even scanning an image to send to a magazine is considered a copyright infringement
as a copy has been illegally made unless permission has been abtained.

The quality you think you can derive from your equipment may seem fine to you but it is never equal to my original.
Original images give the ultimate definition possible before color shifts, degraded focus and artifacts are introduced.

If you run into a crunch to get an image to a publisher, or have some other problem to solve regarding access to the rights of an image,
please contact me, or your publisher, or correspondent, to see if we can work your problem out if one arrises.
We are all here to help you, but at the same time, must protect our own interests.

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